The  mission of SPARC is to provide a licensed, credible, responsive, comprehensive and therapeutic continuum of care, focusing on the general and specific needs of the whole person, representative of a  low-income or indigent chemically dependent and co-occurring adult population. SPARC exists to recognize, serve, and respect each person who enters treatment or seeks support, as an individual worthy of helping, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, socio-economic status, veteran status, or  sexual orientation.

A Brief History

The Spokane Coordinating Council on Alcoholism, which changed its name to SPARC, was founded in  1965 by a group of concerned citizens seeking to find a way to treat the homeless chronic alcoholic. SPARC began providing support and treatment services on the streets and at a storefront location in downtown Spokane. Today the SPARC campus includes a multi-level continuum of care located within a five block residential neighborhood & in more than twelve separate facilities.

SPARC, a non-profit organization founded with the premise that SPARC should have perpetual existence, belonging to the community, owned by no entity or individual, and with the business affairs run by a volunteer Board of Directors. No entity or individual may make a profit by using the SPARC name, facilities or services. All proceeds, fees, and reimbursements for SPARC services are directed to consumer care.

All donations and contributions to SPARC are tax deductible.

Today SPARC continues to believe that people are worthy of help, and no one is denied services based upon race, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or disability, religion, the inability to pay, or other factor. SPARC has earned a reputation for its stability within the community and for its responsiveness to community need. SPARC's highest priority continues to be the well being of the individual, and that focus has afforded SPARC the opportunity to serve thousands of men & women since the doors opened in 1965.

In 1965, the Founding Citizenry established a fundamental purpose and philosophy for SPARC: 

The Alcoholic Or Addicted Individual 
Can Be Helped And Is Worth Helping.

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